Less than two weeks left with much to do!

It is very difficult to think about updating this blog when we have -so much- to do before we leave in less than two weeks! Just to give a quick run-down of all the exciting things that are happening right now:

We have a show scheduled in Boston for the 22nd of May at 10:00pm and I have realized the brilliance of social networking sites (facebook, in particular) for the distribution of information regarding events. If you are interested please check out more details here or, if you are no where near the Boston area but want to keep updated on our movements across country – feel free to keep checking our website, or join this group if you check facebook more consistently and want to get updated that way.

On the bus front we failed our inspection and are working to get the bus in ship-shape order so we can pass and be on our way! Additionally, we are slowly learning about grease and filtration while traveling. Oh, and of course most of us are learning to drive the bus as well.

In terms of money, we are tenuously poised right now, and we’re trying our best to make as much as we can before we leave.

And thanks to college, we are all hectic already with finishing up the semester! It will be a whirlwind of excitement for the Criss Cross Circus over the next two weeks, after which I fully expect this blog to be chock-full of amazing, circus adventure-filled posts that you should all read regularly.

– Lindsay


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