Are we really leaving in five days? WHOA!

Show development is coming along well! We had a really great planning meeting today, generated lots of solid act ideas and talked a lot about the overarching narrative and structure of the show. Tara and I have also started filming ideas, and already have a lot of ideas about the awesome documentary we’re going to make about the trip… but more on that later.

The band (which consists of Juliana on standup bass, Josh on drums, Lucy on fiddle, and sometimes Milo and Sairuh will jump in too) has been rehearsing, they played for us their first solid song tonight and it sounds SO GREAT! It’s really exciting to finally be able to perform with live music, and not only that but live music that is flexible with our acts.

Tonight we had a meeting to have a conversation about food, which is good. Josh is deathly allergic to nuts. Jacob and Lindsay are pathologically allergic to nuts. I am a strict (lifelong) vegetarian. James eats bugs. Tara will drink NOTHING but chocolate milk. Milo will eat anything that is put in front of him. Sairuh will only eat things she can pull out of the ground herself. We will be eating a lot of grains, pasta, lentils, oats, power bars, and elephants. Currently all we have to cook on (for 11 people) is a coleman stove, hopefully we will at least be getting a second coleman stove. That about sums it up!



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