On our way!

Boston! We are at Jacob’s house in Melrose. After a frantic day of last-minute packing and checking out of our rooms on campus, eight of us rattled down I-90 in the mild drizzle on the tour’s first leg.

The journey included much snuggling, snacks, live music, and of course the wonderful smell of vegetable oil from our exhaust! We turned many heads on the highway, and when we pulled into the street in front of Jacob’s house (in a spot reserved just for us!) the crowd of relatives and well-wishers welcomed us and together we celebrated Jacob’s graduation with cake, scotch and hair dying.

Last night six slept on the bus for the first time (Juliana and Josh joined us later in the night). Today we start the first day of Criss Cross Camp, concentrating on polishing our show and stocking up more supplies for the trip.

Off to stretch, work on our show, and organize the bus!

-Tara and Molly


One response to “On our way!

  1. I’m really excited for you guys to come to midwest! Can’t wait to see the show and meet you all!

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