1 city down, the rest of the country to go!

We unveiled thhe new, almost complete version of our show last night at the Lily Pad in Cambridge. We had an audience of 40-50 friends, family, and strangers who turned out for an hour-long performance of Circapocalypse!  The venue was perfect, and the show pretty much went off without a hitch.  We sold a lot of merch and made some good connections with people.

Jacob and Lindsay are pretty much our heroes.  We finally got all our bus insurance stuff worked out – maybe more details from Lindsay on that particular adventure later.

Now we are off to Chicago, hopefully with a pit stop to visit our friends at the Oberlin Circus along the way!

-Tara & Molly


2 responses to “1 city down, the rest of the country to go!

  1. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it up to see you! Hugsssss

  2. Alas, it was too dark at the Lily Pad for my camera, and most of the videos are too dark. I’ll see what I can do with iMovie and maybe I’ll find a few routines where people show up clearly enough.

    Sound quality is pretty good, though 🙂

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