the Journey to Chicago

The past few days have been a real whirlwind! After leaving Boston friday night, we made a stopover at Hampshire for a few hours to filter and dispose of bad grease. It felt like such a stealthy heist, running around campus at 2 AM when no one else was there with toxic Zen Garden Grease.

We spent all friday night and saturday driving, and when we realized we wouldn’t make it to Chicago by saturday night, we stopped over at Oberlin College to visit our circus friends there. Unfortunately we just missed a show of theirs (we walked in as they were taking their bows), but it was fun to see them and they helped us find a bunch of grease.

Sadly we had to miss our show saturday night in Chicago because of miscalculating how long it would take to drive and how much grease we needed. But we got to Chicago sunday morning, and got straight to rehearsing with Le Vorris and Vox, the UChicago circus. Our joint show was a ton of fun, and our troupes had a really great energy together. We made some new friends, and they generously offered to take us to their dining commons and host us in their apartments for the night.

Today brought an overhaul in our overall organizational structure, tasks were re-delegated, schedules were made, information was gathered, streets were performed on, and grease was collected. Our plan at this point is to leave for Minnesota tomorrow morning, so we can have a full day of street performing and show development before our show on thursday.

I just updated our flickr account with a ton more pictures, check it out!

troupe group 1



One response to “the Journey to Chicago

  1. Wow, you guys sound like you’re having a great time! Sorry to hear you missed your show, but I suppose such things are sometimes unavoidable. Northampton is finally warming up, which is nice. I’m trying to uphold the Cirque spirit by rigging my trapeze around town — I’m going to apply for a busking permit so I can put out a hat and (hopefully) pay some of my rent doing what I love. Good luck with the rest of the trip, I’ll be stopping back here to read about your adventures! The Valley misses you all dearly….



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