We are still in Chicago. Grease has been more of a debacle than we expected… We’ve actually had little trouble collecting grease though, there are plenty of restaurants willing to give it away.

A sample phone conversation might be like this: “Hello, I was wondering if you use vegetable oil in your cooking? No no, I don’t want to order anything. Could I speak to a manager? No, I don’t want to make reservations. No, I don’t want to sell you oil, I just want to use it after you’re done with it. Could we just pick it up from your grease dumpster out back? You see, I use it to run my blue hippie school bus full of circus performers going across the country… No, I DON’T want to order anything…”

Filtering the grease has been our major setback. Jacob, Lindsay, Milo, Sairuh and others were working all day yesterday experimenting with new systems to filter it. It’s been very time consuming, but it can be pretty fun – creative problem solving is what we Hampshire students excel at!

I was going to upload some great pictures I took the other night of collecting grease, but my camera card reader broke so it will be a few days until those are up. For now, enjoy this picture of one of our first tries at filtering grease, at Oberlin College. We have enough grease to Minnesota, so we are headed out within the next hour!

grease filtering 1

Lindsay, Jacob, and Milo.



2 responses to “greaseventures

  1. Ahh! you guy rock. i feel a bit repetitive. but really.

  2. I think I can smell the fries!

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