What an unpredictable turn of events!

Minnesota was almost a bust – it was rainy all day and we didn’t get to do our noon show in the park.  We were shown some incredible hospitality by the parents of one of our Hampshire friends, and finally figured out a fast and simple method for filtering grease.  Despite the rain, people showed up at 5:30 to see circus, so we gave them a show!  It was an abbreviated version, under a gazebo in the rain, but it was fun and the crowd loved it.  Though morale was a little low last night when we didn’t find any grease…

Today we stopped in Iowa City for what we thought would be a brief grease excursion – but we started street performing, met several other circus folk, and people started asking if we were going to do a show.  We collected a TON of grease, did a lot of filtering, and decided to do an impromptu show in a nearby square.
It was probably one of our best shows yet!  In fact, it’s so great here that we’re about to go and do two more shows  tonight.  We met a lot of amazing people, and the most adorable tiny kitten ever.  All quite serendipitous.  Alright, time for me to stop blogging and go do another show!

Tomorrow: St. Louis.  More pictures will be up soon…



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