America: You’ve been CROSSED!

After an epic journey spanning Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, with pitstops at the surreal salt flats and sensational sierra nevadas, we made it to sunny San Francisco! Poor Josh and Juliana were sick for most of the drive, but they’ve mostly recovered now. We even had to make a 3 AM stop at the emergency room in the middle of Nevada for Juliana because she accidentally ingested cheese and had a pretty severe allergic reaction. She’s perfectly fine now, though.

salt flat creatures

Molly and Sairuh explore the salt flats… it’s pretty much another planet.

Last night we had a great show with two awesome bands, Honey Moon Tree and Stitchcraft. We performed a few of our acts, added circus to some of their songs, and were generally atmospheric. It was a high energy, enjoyable night for everyone. The venue we were at, Amnesia, happened to be right across the street from 826 Valencia, which I’ve idolized for years, and was Jacob’s inspiration for his Division III thesis project. We contacted them a few days ago, and this afternoon we’re going to go there and do circus workshops with kids! Tomorrow we’re doing a show in Dolores Park, then it’s off to the great Pacific Northwest.

california sunset

Milo napping, Lucy driving – en route to the west coast.



3 responses to “America: You’ve been CROSSED!

  1. You guys are amazing! You really Criss-Crossed in a veggie bus.

    Here in Northampton it’s cracked 90F and all the New Englanders are freaking out. It’s pretty cute.

  2. My dearests-

    I am so incredibly proud of you guys. Fo’ serious. Although I am sad to not be with you on the adventure, I am mostly just amazed, as always. I miss you all dearly and hopefully I’ll see most of you in the fall. Hooray for Criss Cross!


  3. hey guys –

    You haven’t updated in forEVER. I’m worried about you! I want to know what’s been happening with the Fabulous Tour of the Magic Bus. There are adventures to tell to your Admiring Fans and we are eagerly awaiting!

    See you this weekend? Maybe?


    PS – call your parents. ;-p

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