And so the tour ends… or does it?

Well, since the tour ended about a week I ago, I’ve been lazy about updating the blog, so I guess it’s time to backtrack a bit…

in the beginning

Sadly we said goodbye to Sarah in San Francisco so she could start her summer job at Acrosports. We had a lovely drive up the west coast, stopping to camp near Mt. Shasta, and stopping to visit some old friends in Portland. We performed at the Evergreen State College in Olympia for their huge Super Saturday festival. It was a great show. We heard Pure Cirkus was in Olympia and we headed to town to see their show, but sadly being poor traveling performers, none of us could afford it. Luckily we happened upon several jugglers in the street, and had fun playing with them for a while.

We had a nice relaxing day at my house north of Seattle, and did one final show in a neighborhood park. For our final Roadtrip Nation interview, Tara, Lucy, Juliana and I visited the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA) and chatted with Chuck Johnson. After repacking the bus, some unsuccessful greasearch, and much hugging, Manfred departed with Jacob, Lindsay, Tara, Lucy, James and Lucy’s friend Rebecca in tow – bound for the east coast. Milo and I chased them down the highway for a while to get some final video shots of Manfred on the road. Josh and Juliana headed back down the coast towards San Francisco.

the many faces of criss cross

Lots more pictures up on flickr, including pictures of our show that my dad took!
rollie skreslet & skreslettesI think I'm getting a signal!plant puppetryladybug & crow silhouettefour-high thinker

Meet the Troupe has been updated yet again!

Both a book and a documentary film about our trip are in the works!

The tour may be over, but make sure to stay tuned for the further adventures of the Criss Cross Circus…



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  1. There’s a smiley face in the upper right hand corner. It’s little.

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