Announcing… the Downside-Up Circus

Dear Anyone who stills follows the Criss Cross Circus,

Recently Tara, Molly, and Lindsay of Criss Cross, along with a few others, have regrouped as the Downside-Up Circus.  We are already planning what we hope will be the first of many tours.  Our summer 2010 tour will be on a smaller scale, with half the troupe size and limited to one state, but it will be just as epic.

How could we top a vegetable oil powered school bus in sustainability and adventurousness, we asked ourselves?  We’ll travel by bicycle!  That’s right, bicycle, in the fine northwestern state of Washington.

You can find out all about our tour, INTERROBANG, and all about Downside-Up on our new website,

Love and Cir-kisses,



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