About Us

We are in dark times…

Dependence on oil and unchecked consumerism has driven us past the brink of environmental collapse. Civilization as we know it has ended.

What remains is a troupe of 11 performers touring the territory originally known as the United States. Traveling from city to fallen city, we are gathering a community of survivors in our effort to rebuild a sustainable society.

This post-apocalyptic landscape is the backdrop for the Criss Cross Circus summer tour. These 11 Hampshire College students are driving from east to west in a colorful, rusted old school bus that runs on used vegetable oil.

While the setting is tragic, it is with the humor and magic of circus that we hope to entertain and educate audiences across America.


4 responses to “About Us

  1. Go for it!!! I spent many years on the Circus working for Ringling Bros., UniverSoul and the Gerry Cottle Circus in England. Plese take a minute and check out the photographs of the circus on my website: http://www.billpayne.wordpress.com

    Warmest regards,


  2. Saw you guys driving thru MT took down the web address to figure out what was going on….what a cool thing to be doing! Wish I could have seen you perform

  3. I wish you guys would have come to Los Angeles, I would lovvve to see your show.

    If you plan or want to plan to come down here, I would possibly help organize a location and publicity.

  4. Hi!

    I like your blog!
    Please take some inspiration here:


    Documentaries, videos, ebooks, and news related to permaculture, indigenous people, animal rights, (alter)globalization, activism, ecology and health.

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