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It’s been one year since The Criss Cross Circus set out from Hampshire College to travel the nation, leaving smiles and greasestains in our wake. The summer 2008 tour sure was a crazy, grueling, exciting, and ultimately rewarding adventure!

The troupe is now scattered far and wide, pursuing college degrees and other ambitions. Yes, we do have more footage of the tour, and yes, we do plan to edit it eventually into a short documentary to inspire and forewarn others…

It’s also likely that one day (next summer, perhaps?) some of the original troupe will regroup under a new appelation but with the same spirit of intrepidness, creativity, and conviction, and embark on another experiment in living the dream. Until then, prepare for the Circapocalypse!

p.s. the audio got taken off the teaser trailer we had on youtube, but now you can watch the full version again, audio and all, over at vimeo!

the Criss Cross Circus trailer from Circus Folk Unite! on Vimeo.

A post-apocalyptic landscape is the backdrop for the Criss Cross Circus summer 2008 tour. These 11 Hampshire College students have driven from east to west in a colorful, rusted old school bus that runs on used vegetable oil. While the setting is tragic, it is with the humor and magic of circus that we hope to entertain and educate audiences across America.