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Ever wonder exactly where we performed and stopped and visited along the tour? Now you can find out, on the Criss Cross google map extravaganza! Including where we performed, places we got grease, people we stayed with, and a few other interesting tidbits – all very exact, down to the precise street location (to the best of my memory, and my memory’s pretty good since I was the one who spent the most time consulting Google maps while we were on tour).

>> View the Map here! <<

Our tour is over, so can no longer do performances as the Criss Cross Circus, but various members of us are scattered around the country in little clusters and are always up for putting on a show. Our highest concentration of folks is in Western Massachusetts, in Amherst where most of us go to school at Hampshire College. The best way to get in touch with us is by emailing

May 18th – 22nd: Boston, MA
May 24th – 27th: Chicago, IL
May 28th – 29th: Rochester, MN
May 30th – June 1st: St. Louis, MO
June 3rd – 4th: Denver/Boulder, CO
June 7th – 10th: San Francisco, CA
June 14th – 18th: Seattle, WA

These dates are all approximate and somewhat flexible, and allowing for travel time.

Booking Info

Set in a post-apocalyptic climate-changed world, our adaptable show combines circus skills in a fluid narrative dealing with ecological themes. Featuring skills such as acrobatics, juggling, stilt-walking, dancing and clowning, and with a striking ‘ecopunk’ aesthetic, the show can be adapted for general audiences, kids, adults, or any other demographic. An optional fire performance is available for outdoor venues. We can also do workshops in jugging and circus, facepainting, and general roustabouting to add ambiance to your event.

Contact us at:

Past Shows

May 22
Lilly Pad in Inman Square
Cambridge, MA
Probably $10

May 25th
University of Chicago, Bartlett Quad
With Le Vorris & Vox Circus
Chicago, IL
4:30 PM

May 29th
Rochester, MN
Noon & 5:00 PM

May 30th
Iowa City, IA
2:00, 5:00, 7:30 PM

May 31st
CAMP (Community Arts and Media Project)
St. Louis, MO
7:30 PM

June 3rd
Dairy Center for the Arts
Carsen Theater
Boulder, CO
8:30 PM

June 8th
with Honey Moon Tree and Stitchcraft
San Francisco, CA
9:00 PM

June 10th
Dolores Park
San Francisco, CA
3:00 PM

June 14th
Super Saturday @ the Evergreen State College
Leisure Education Stage
Olympia, WA
4:30 PM

June 15th
Mays Pond Park
Bothell/Mill Creek, WA
3:00 PM


8 responses to “Shows & Itinerary

  1. I look forward to your seattle shows! I can’t wait to read your blog about this fantastic trip across the states!

  2. teamhumanbeings

    I am so excited for all of these shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey, will you be having a show in Nyc? Thanks. 🙂




  5. CAMP and all the neighborhood kids eagerly await your arrival!

  6. Looking forward to meeting you in Olympia.
    Can you do a workshop/ playshare before Super Saturday?
    You were mentioned at the juggling club in passing… lol
    that is, some strange guy rode up and then we heard an announcement “blah-blah circus on super sat”… another guy said, “two circuses…” I said, “what’s all this?” jugglers said “we’re a circus too”
    well, i just don’t know what to think, but the local CLOWNS want in on the action… I don’t speak for the whole alley, but certain radical elements like myself will welcome you.
    please call (360) 888-2729 or email

  7. personalsecurityplus

    Neat bus! Saw it Wednesday on I-5 in California up near Mt Shasta. I was in the 18 wheeler.
    Happy Trails

  8. Saw your bus in Elgin, IL tonight while you were scrounging for fuel. Really wanted to take the time to say hello and check out the bus as the veggie fuel thing has interested me for quite a while, but my wife and I had to get somewhere. Wish I would have heard about your show when you passed through the Chicagoland area, sure my family would have love it. Happy travels!

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