Posing a Question to All Those Musically Inclined (or otherwise)…

Jacob asks the All Important End of Tour Question:

(To the tune of “What do you do with a drunken sailor”)

What do you do with a 36′ blue veggie-oil-converted-hippy-circus-bus that you don’t want sitting on your lawn?

We journeyed, we circus-ed, we left a trail of vegetable oil wherever we went and now… what do we do with our tour bus? Anybody?

– Lindsay


2 responses to “Posing a Question to All Those Musically Inclined (or otherwise)…

  1. Sell it to the school so that they can get an extra grant and expand Lemelson to include “Alternative Fuel Engineering” as a program. Justin Carven invented the Greasecar while at Hampshire, and that’s a legacy that the school should use.

    If business and entrepreneurship are going to be added to the Hampshire curriculum (which President Hexter and a number of trustees believe they should) it will probably be in an extension of the Lemelson program. This is an opportunity to keep the program vital by pushing to incorporate issues of environmental sustainability and responsibility along with a practical activity. Once the school owns the bus as a model, it can allow students to perform maintenance or improvements to develop their skills and could spin it out to do conversion at cost for anyone who wanted it.

  2. You aren’t planning on keeping it? Darn, I kind of hoped I might get to see it, maybe at the End Of Summer.

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