Meet the Troupe

tara's handstand in manfred

gets us places, gives us shelter, has a hefty appetite for grease

jacob getting greasy

walks on his hands, gets dirty with manfred

juliana bass

contorts into odd shapes, gets funky on bass

milo & the spaceship
Kyle/Milo (Rollie Skreslet)

obsesses about spaceships, keeps all us little skreslets in line

reach for the sky

likes being upside down, laughs so hard and so often you can probably hear her right now

chasing after rollie

“cleans up” the stage, spins a broom, stealthily documents everything and puts it on the internets

james and his balloon

puts weird things up his nose, plays with fire, gives us bandaids

wind in her hair

gracefully leads the ladybugs to rebuild the city

I wanna be a ringmaster when I grow up

knows every trick in the proverbial book, looks cute in rollie’s top hat

prariefire - sairuh jumps!

knows how to make plants dance, knows how to trick restaurants into giving us grease

lucy in olympia

makes pretty noises on violin, knows all of manfred’s hiding places

iowa city music

bangs on pots and pans while making us omelettes in the morning


ring bearer


3 responses to “Meet the Troupe

  1. You guys are so sexy, I think I’ll stalk you all.

  2. Hahhaa, you guys are absurd. Who’s Marcel? Are you guys reproducing already? Jeeeez.

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